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To all those writers who don't like the business aspect of writing and publishing. We are here to help!

We edit, proof read, organise the production of paperbacks & e-books, distribute and deal with the sales & marketing. We take the financial risk & pay the author royalties. Every manuscript submitted is read by our team of editors for consideration.

You simply email the first three chapters of your manuscript, a synopsis, a short bio and your contact details to pppsubmissions@gmail.com. Submissions are welcome from outside Ireland.

We will consider any genre, however our preferred genres are: Fantasy, Adventure, Romantic, Chick Flick, Young Adult, Horror, Crime, Sensual, Sexy, Health & Well Being and Children's literature.

We hold regular competitions for Flash Fiction and Short stories to entice, encourage new and upcoming writers, as well as simply for the sheer fun of it. Free to enter. View the competition page for details.

Competition winners and their stories appear on this Blog Page and on Facebook.

Good Luck & Best Wishes to all Writers.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Launching Purple Pumpkin Publishing!

To celebrate the launch of our new publishing company in Co. Kerry we have an afternoon of entertainment at the Gleneagle Hotel in the Green Room from 3.30pm until 5.00pm tomorrow 10th October 2014.

Two of our recent competition winners will be reading from their works and the proceedings will be opened by Cllr. John Culloty.

Some samples of the Anthology of Castleisland Writers will also be read. This is due to be published at the end of November and we will have harp music by Nancy Moore and flute by Elizabeth Brosnan.

It's the perfect way to start your weekend so come along. All are welcome.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

August 2014 Winner

August 2014 Winner

Congratulations to our August 2014 Winner

Theme: 'My Wildest Dream'

By: Mrs. Rashmita Patel

Title: 'My Wildest Dream'

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become the next JK Rowling. I started where all authors begin, which is right down the bottom of the pile. It was a long way from the bottom to the top, however I was more than exultant in taking my time to get to the top.

Then one day, it was like a dream, waking up one morning and receiving a phone call from a publishing company telling me that my novel, My Wildest Dreams had become the next best seller.
I stood there like a zombie, no colour, no expression, just a blank face totally knocked for six at the news of my success. My little 134 page novel had become my vision overnight.

I went into the bathroom, splashed some cold water onto my face and slapped myself silly, just to make sure I was still visually here. Then I quickly rose to my feet and started to get dressed for work. Before that, I jumped up and down on the bed and screamed for England at the joy of the news! For once in my life I was glowing, like no woman had glowed before. I drove down the road, a big smile splattered across my face, and a feeling of fulfillment quivered throughout my entire body all the way to work.

To my surprise, the news of my fame had already reached my workplace. The media eagerly stood outside waiting for me to tell them how I felt about my huge success. I was truly speechless, what could I say, for once in my life I was without words, only one thought ran into my head and that was who had made me reach fame.

It was a total stranger, someone I met online, a friend who cared so deeply about what I believed in, and a friend who wanted me to reach the sky and feel the stars. I had to thank him for his guidance and patience for what I felt was what had enabled me to reach my wildest dreams.

I was going to celebrate my success with that very person who cared so much about my dreams, my wishes and my goals in life. He was someone I still hadn’t met, someone who just wanted to see a smile across my face. It felt like only yesterday when I told him that I lacked the confidence in my writing, but he reassured me, and told me how fantastic my writing was, and suddenly I started to believe in myself.

Fame isn’t going to make my head swell, but it will help me reach all those out there who also feel what I had felt one day back then in my life.

Every author has a story to tell, everyone has something special in them that can make them a huge success, you just need to keep going and find the right note to make you reach the top.